Support for Parents — Without the Judgment

Rent our Building


We have the perfect space for your next party, wedding or gathering! And it supports our work in the community!

Values Driven…

We know we’re not all the same. Rather than trying to make you something you’re not, we’re attempting a church community built around an ethic of love instead of a uniform theology — groundbreaking, right??

We are action, community & people oriented — imitating Jesus in how we engage and live out our faith.

Discover more on our ‘Who We Are‘ page…

Or Just Visit!

We know it’s hard to get to know a church by looking at a website, so why not just come visit?!? We work hard to provide a safe, pressure-free environment (Why is that necessary to say on a church website?).

Or schedule a coffee with our Pastor if you’d like to learn more first!



Open Door Church

Open Door Church

11391 Dartford St. | Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1V6